I dreamed a dream and in that dream one of the fair folk I know not who, floating back and forth betwixt a being of white mist and becoming corporeal, visited me whilst I stood around a central fire.  I felt comfortable, not worried in the slightest, in safe company. This creature was talking with me but I can’t remember our conversation. What I do remember is that he floated around my body, hugging me as if a vine on a tree and then wrote something in black ink on my upper back, the left side just below my neck.  The ink was black, like the blackest of smoke as I watched from a place outside of my body, outside of the circle.  I could feel this writing on my skin and I discerned the script was readable but I was too far away to see. I moved in closer to read what had been written, discover the message I had been given, but as I approached the writing sank beneath my skin.  The dream ended.

So far I have been unable to revisit this experience or find the answer to the riddle that I hold within.  What is its purpose?  What secret shall I uncover?

I sat on the White Hill with the Ravens of Bran in the company of my husband.  One of the Ravens appeared by my left shoulder and spoke to me, not a caw but the deep dong-dong sound of conversation, I did not turn my head as I knew to stay still. This Raven of Bran and messenger of Woden marked my back where the magical writing is hidden.

The message is still a secret to be discovered. Was this the same spirit that visited before, this time in raven form, to remind me of the dream I had dreamed and bidding me to pursue the quest?

I will consult with the runes