Suzanne Rance Author
Suzanne, author and runologist

is Sussex born and Sussex bred with a love of history and a strong drive to research everything.  A Traditional Sussex Witch for over 30 years Suzanne is also a member of the Anglesey Druid Order and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Since my first visit to Wales as a teenager I have felt like I have a foot in two worlds, that of the Welsh and of the English.  I moved to Wales during the 1990’s and learned to speak Welsh for two reasons, one because I sent my son to Welsh school and the other because I loved the sound.  As I learnt the language I became increasingly involved in the culture of the land, developing a deep connection with its history and myths.  Finding links between Wales and the Sussex landscape sparked an interest in the land of my birth and a need to connect to my roots there. I returned to Sussex at the beginning of the new millennium and began researching the ancient British landscape of Anderida and the Early English landscape of Sussex.  Having learnt Welsh I can see many connections with the Old English Language, especially in pronunciation.  My aim is to explain some of these links in a future blog post.