English Runes and Ancient lands
My shadow self at Wayland’s Smithy
Hi I’m Suzanne, author of The English Runes: Secrets of Magic, Spells and Divination

I will be discussing the English runes, my book and the life of the early English. I work with the English runes in various ways and by far my favourite is using runes together with galdor (singing magic) so I will be including short videos on how to say the runes in Old English and how I sing them.  I will be setting these up as a course which will be available from this website.

My passion for runes started in the 1980’s when I got a copy of Ralph Blume’s book and would write love letters using the Elder Runes or Futhark.  Loving languages has been with me since childhood and when I moved to Wales in the 1990’s I learned Welsh and looked at the Coelbren Y Beirdd of Iolo Morganwg.  Moving back to Sussex at the turn of the Millenium brought me back to the Elder Futhark and then the Futhorc of the English Runes.

Do you love walking the land and visiting ancient sites? I do and one of my favourites is Wayland’s Smithy in Oxfordshire on the Ridgeway.  The early English must have found this site facinating as the long barrow is much older than the dates we have for English language and Wayland is a hero of their legendary heros.

walking the land
Wayland’s Smithy


I love the magic of this place, it’s full of other world experience and utterly peaceful (during daytime).  I like walking the ridgeway from Uffington Castle to Wayland’s Smithy because it feels easy to step into the shoes of the ancient peoples, our ancestors from this land by connecting with the wildlife and plants along the way.  Keep your eyes open and breathe deeply.